Samsung isn't slowing down with its jump into wearables, as a new FCC filing on Thursday reveals an unannounced "S-Circle" fitness band from the company.

Presumed to be cheaper than the new Gear 2 and Gear Fit announced at MWC 2014, the FCC filing details the S-Circle device as an "activity tracker" with Bluetooth Low-Energy.

Little other details were provided for the S-Circle, but it's presumed to track a users' heart rate and movement and feed it into the S-Health app found on Samsung's smartphones.

Unlike the Gear Fit, the S-Circle is presumed to not have a screen. Korea's Digital News Daily reported in December that Samsung is preparing a band to compute calories, atmospheric conditions, and location via GPS. The S-Circle could be it indeed - posing like the Jawbone Up already found on the market.

It looks like Samsung is taking the same approach to wearables as it does to smartphones: flood the market with as many devices possible.