Polar, apparently the world's leading manufacturer of heart rate monitors, has released a games console. No, just kidding. The company has released a pair of heart rate monitors. The Polar FT4 and FT7, to be precise.

The FT4 is the lower end of the duo. It shows when you're improving your fitness by telling you when the heart rate is in the desired zone. It also has a calorie counter. The FT7 contains the same features, but adds the "EnergyPointer" feature.

This feature keeps track of whether what you're doing is more targeted at burning fat or improving your aerobic fitness. It apparently works out the centre point of both effects and then if you're above that point you're burning fat, and if you're below you're improving your fitness.

Both will be launched this month. The FT7 comes in silver, black and gold, and the FT4 comes in silver, black and bronze. They both include a textile transmitter and a guide. No word on pricing, but we've enquired with the company on that front and will update when we hear back.