Polar have a wealth of experience behind their heart rate monitors having been in the business for over 30 years. Their new FT range aims to put a personal trainer on your wrist with the introduction of three new models of heart rate monitor.

The new models feature a stack of features, with all the normal stats tracked that you’d expect, as well as each stepping up a level in their offering.

The first is the FT40 which features Polar’s innovative EnergyPointer, which will help you target the right intensity to make fitness gains, not just burning fat (assuming you want to...).

The FT60 gives you the STAR training program, which gives you weekly training targets and adapts to your training habits to help you achieve results.

The FT80 comes in at the top of the range, aimed at dedicated fitness fanatics, not only giving you the STAR program, but also a strength training guide that tells you when you are ready for the next set to optimise your workouts in the weight room. It also comes with the FlowLink, which lets you easily transfer data from the watch.

The FT60 and FT80 are also available with the G1 GPS sensor for speed and distance measurements, at extra cost.

The FT40 comes in at £136.53, the FT60 is £180.57, whilst the FT80 can be yours for £273.55.