If you are looking to lose weight and get fit in 2009, then you might be interested in Polar’s new FA20, a watch-based "activity computer".

Over the past few years, various campaigns have driven home the message of adopting a healthier lifestyle by being more active on a day-to-day basis. Pedometers have been adopted by many, but often they look cheap and are impractical. The FA20 changes all that, giving you a proper watch that also monitors your activity 24/7.

Recording your steps, it will feedback information like calories burnt, distance covered and duration of activity. By providing this information, the FA20 aims to give feedback on how active your lifestyle is, and provide motivational comments on the screen.

Aimed at those who don’t necessarily want to follow a set training program per se, the FA20 will let you lead your life as normal, but encourage you to be more active. Of course it also reports activity trends over periods of 9 weeks, is water resistant to 50 metres and will also give you a training target in either distance or calories.

Coming in black and white, it is available now for £92.49.