(Pocket-lint) - Polar has an innovative solution for fitness fans in the OH1, a optical heart rate sensor accessory, that will be welcome news for those who don't like wearing a chest strap. 

Chest straps have long been the norm for heart rate sensors, or were the norm until wrist-based sensors found their way on to the back of just about every sports device. With the OH1, you'll have the freedom to wear a heart rate sensor elsewhere on your arm and avoid that uncomfortable chest strap. 

The OH1 basically packs in the optical heart rate sensing technology that Polar has used on some recent watches, but in an independent unit with a strap. This can be worn on the forearm or upper arm and provide heart rate data for any sport - including 30m waterproofing for swimmers. This will provide data to devices that don't have sensors, or just provide the convenience of wearing it in a more accessible location.


The OH1 can be connected to compatible Polar or Bluetooth devices, meaning you can use it with your bike computer or with your smartphone running the Polar Beat app. 

Best of all, like the company's H10 heart rate strap, the OH1 has its own memory, storing up to 200 hours of train, so that if your device isn't connected, you still have the data from the activity, and it offers 12 hours of life from the internal battery.

The Polar OH1 will cost $79.95/€79.90.

Writing by Chris Hall.