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(Pocket-lint) - Polar has already announced a wearable vest with heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking built in to it, but that's not the only big announcement the company has for CES 2017

Polar's other big announcement is a collaboration with GoPro that will let the V800 GPS sports watch, M600 smart sports watch and a new H10 heart rate monitor connect to a GoPro camera. All three models can be connected to either a HERO4 or HERO5 camera and the watches can even be used as remotes for the cameras to carry out basic commands, ideal for using during an activity.

Basic data such as when the camera is and isn't recording and battery life can be viewed on the watches.

Once you've connected one of the Polar devices, you'll be able to view heart rate and training data over the top of the videos you've taken, to see where the adrenaline really kicked in. The new H10 heart rate monitor is a chest strap design, but has entirely new electrodes which claim to offer more accurate monitoring.

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GoPro connectivity will start with the V800 sports watch being able to connect to the HERO4 by the end of this month, the V800 and M600 will be able to connect to a HERO5 in early 2017 and finally, the H10 heart rate monitor will be able to connect to both cameras by the end of Q1 2017.

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Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 3 January 2017.