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(Pocket-lint) - Polar has announced an updated version of its activity tracker, the Polar Loop. The new Loop 2 retains many of the features of the original, but expands the feature set for a more connected smart experience.

The Polar Loop 2 adopts many of the skills seen in other Polar wearables, offering notifications from your connected smartphone. It is compatible with iOS initially, which also hooks you into Polar Flow through the app to keep a track of your activity. The Android app will be coming soon.

Polar Loop 2 isn't just isolated to Polar's platform, it is also compatible with MyFitnessPal, Apple Health and Google Fit, so if you’d rather track your performance in those services you’re free to do so.

The Polar Loop 2 sticks to the same soft bracelet design as the previous model, although the colours have now been expanded. It has the same LED display as previously for information and feedback. 

Sticking to Polar's roots, the Loop 2 is compatible with the Polar H7 heart rate sensor, so if you want to train with HR, then the Loop is there to support you. 

The Polar Loop 2 is priced at $/€119.90 and it will be available from July in the US, and globally from November 2015.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 15 July 2015.