(Pocket-lint) - Polar has announced the A300, which it describes as a fitness and activity monitor, sitting between the Polar Loop and its more advanced sports watches.

So on one hand the A300 will track your steps and alert you if you've been inactive for too long like a fitness band, while on the other hand it will work with the Polar H7 heart rate strap and offer coashing, like Polar's sportwatches. It doesn't have a GPS however.

So the A300 sits somewhere in the wearables hinterland, advancing on fitness bands with a wider range of features, without going the whole hog (and price) of a full training watch, which we think is rather charming. 

One of the features of the A300 is easily changeable straps, so you can pop the body of the activity tracker (or watch) out and slip it into a different colour strap to suit your mood or style. The A300 will also track your sleep and you'll be able to keep track of your activity in Polar Flow.

The A300 weighs 48g, is waterproof to 30m and the rechargeable battery should last you up to 4 weeks.

The Polar A300 will cost €119.90/$159.95 on its own, or €159.90/$199.95 in a bundle with the H7 heart rate strap. It will be available from February 2015 in USA, Canada and Finland, with global availability expected in June 2015.

Writing by Chris Hall.