(Pocket-lint) - Polar is on a mission to bring its already well-established multisport GPS watches into your life all day, everyday. Why stop tracking when you're not exercising? You might as well measure all your calories burnt for a more accurate picture of your health.

The Polar V800 is a GPS multisport watch that will track your speed, time, distance and plenty more while running, cycling, swimming and even between sports. It automatically changes between sports and will also record the downtime - ideal for triathlon transition training.

The V800 features a Gorilla Glass screen to avoid scratching. The software, in the form of Polar Flow, comes online and on your mobile to help you analyse and track your work, as well as set goals to reach. Using Orthostatic tests it will even help you train within your limits so you don't overreach and burn out.

The downside, as far as the press release reveals, is that the V800 will burn out before you do. In order to track in between training - which it can do for 14 hours - there is a low-power GPS mode that lasts 50 hours. Or it will last 30 days on normal watch mode. That's a lot of charging of yet another device. And falls down against health trackers when it comes to price, launching in April at €450 (£373) with includes an HR sensor.

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While the Polar V800 sounds like an excellent multisport GPS watch and health tracker, it's still not a perfect all-in-one device. Kudos to Polar for being the first to take a proper step in that direction though. And with software updates to improve battery it may yet get the crown as king of the fitness hill.

Writing by Luke Edwards.