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(Pocket-lint) - Are you a fitness freak who needs yet another fitness tracker? Well, look no further: Polar has just announced Polar Loop, a bracelet-like activity tracker that - you guessed it - tracks daily activity and exercise levels, among other things.

Aside from tracking exercise, the Polar Loop will also monitor sleep patterns, provide motivational feedback and issue alerts to help users reach activity goals. The bracelet - which is waterproof and designed to wear 24 hours a day - even works with the Polar Flow companion app. It's a free online tracking service for iPhone that auto-syncs via Bluetooth Smart and provides additional analysis and guidance like illustrated graphics for inactivity. 

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As for what the bracelet will look like, the Polar Loop features a red LED display set into a rubberised wristband with a stainless steel buckle. It will  be available only in the colour black, though a pink version featuring white LEDs is expected early in 2014.

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Polar said the Polar Loop is also the first activity tracker to "offer users the option of incorporating heart rate monitoring during workouts, which ensures that credit is given for all exercise, including activities such as cycling that an activity tracker alone will not capture". Heart-rate monitoring also includes access to Smart Coaching features and physiological expertise from Polar.

The Polar Loop will land in October 2013 for $109.95 (£68) at sports retailers and www.polar.com. The Polar Flow app will launch on Apple's App Store when Polar Loop releases, and an Android version of the app is expected sometime in the coming months.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 18 September 2013.