Philips are partnering with Allianz to bring a smartphone-controlled backpain solution, aiming to cross the divide between healthcare professional and patients.

Announced on stage at the IFA 2015 Global Press Conference in Malta, Bernd Laudahn, managing director of Philips GmbH Market DACH, introduced the new healthcare offering. 

With backpain being one of the most common health complaints, the idea is to offer an ongoing solution, rather than a one-hit treatment.

Taking the form of a wearable pad, you'll strap the device to your back to cover the affected area. It then uses blue light to stimulate bloodflow to relieve back pain.

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It will offer smartphone control, and through the smartphone app you'll be able to monitor usage and gather data which will be monitored by Philips and Allianz.

You're not just suffering alone, however. The aim is to have consultation support, so when you're using the device at home you can receive a call to provide guidance.

The new partnership between Philips and Allianz is part of an ongoing restructuring of Philips. Philips is already the largest provider of professional healthcare equipment, and continue to focus on healthtech - or medtech - both for domestic and professional use. 

There's no word pricing or availability just yet.