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(Pocket-lint) - Huami's Amazfit brand is becoming a bit of a one-stop shop for solid fitness gear at lower prices than many competitors. Now, it looks like it's had a look at the riches being reaped by premium home exercise businesses like Peloton and decided to grab its share of the spoils. 

It's used CES 2020 to announce the HomeStudio, a system involving two main components — a 43-inch connected screen in partnership with Studio, a digital fitness company, along with a connected treadmill.

That screen is called Glass, and the treadmill part of the equation is very slightly up to user choice. It'll work with either Amazfit's premium treadmill, or with the cheaper option of the Amazfit AirRun, a foldable version that's a little bit more space-friendly.

Even if you opt for the AirRun, though, you'll still likely find that the HomeStudio requires you to give over plenty of space, much like Peloton demands, or indeed any bit of exercise equipment pretty much means. There's no getting away from the size of that screen. 

It'll connect with Studio's systems to offer over 1,000 classes to choose from, which'll be displayed right in front of you, instructor-first, for you to follow along with. They're not limited to treadmill classes either, with yoga, stretching and more also on offer. You'll control it all from your phone, docked on the treadmill's arm. 

JBL speakers also come with the system to offer surround sound while you run, helping to get you into the swing of things, while a third speaker is in the Glass display. It also packs a depth-perceiving camera so that it can keep track of you as you progress. If your form isn't quite right, it should detect this and give you useful tips.

The aim is to replicate a gym class environment in your home, and, unlike some competitors, Huami is claiming that the Amazfit HomeStudio will do so at a price point that will "delight" customers. That price, and a release date, aren't yet public. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 8 January 2020.