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(Pocket-lint) - Following the news that Finnish smartphone company Nokia had taken over the health product company Withings at the beginning of 2017, the first new products with Nokia branding have now been released.

While Nokia has already rebranded the existing portfolio of Withings connected health products, two new ones have now joined the lineup: the Nokia Body, a BMI Wi-Fi connected pair of weighing scales and Nokia BPM+, a blood pressure monitor with flexible cuff.

Nokia Body joins the Body+ and Body Cardio scales, and offers weight management for the whole family. The Body scale can store profiles for up to eight different users, and daily weight records can be synchronised for each individual within the newly redesigned Nokia Health Mate app.

You can monitor your BMI data to stay within your weight goals and even get personalised coaching within the companion app to help you achieve them. Nokia Body is available now for £55.

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The Nokia BPM+ meanwhile is a compact blood pressure monitor that you wear on your wrist to constantly track your blood pressure while on the move. The BPM+ wearable can monitor systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as your heart rate. It's available now for £115.

The Nokia Health Mate app for iOS and Android is where all your health data is stored, and has now been redesigned. It's now easier and quicker to navigate around menus within the app and it now comes with eight-week wellness programs to help each individual user achieve their weight goals and overall well-being.

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