(Pocket-lint) - Withings has announced a sensor-laden thermometer that can take an accurate body temperature reading by placing it against the head. The Withings Thermo is as non-invasive as can be and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected too.

That means it can wirelessly send results back to a smartphone or tablet, helping track a person's temperature over time.

It uses an array of 16 different infrared sensors that, once gently placed on the temporal artery, take 4,000 measurements in two seconds. Proprietary algorithms then correct for bias, including skin heat loss and ambient temperature to give the best result possible.

The dedicated Withings app for iOS and Android also checks for fever and can be used to supply data to a doctor.

The Thermo can be set to take temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and the LED display also glows different colours depending on results - red for high temperatures, for example.

It will be available in this quarter of 2016 priced at $99.95 in the US. UK pricing is yet to be announced.

"We invented the first Wi-Fi connected health device, Withings' smart scale, to enable users seamless access to their data to take control of their weight. Withings Thermo was designed to have a similar impact on the family's health routine," said company CEO, Cédric Hutchings.

Writing by Rik Henderson.