(Pocket-lint) - Withings, already well known for its Smart Body Analyzer scales and Pulse fitness tracker, is now making sleep smart. The Withings Aura watches you sleep and actively helps improve your night's kip.

Sleep monitors already exist, but none is as comprehensive as this. Not only is there a phone app to monitor your sleep and set wake-up and fall-asleep programs, but there's also a night light and Sleep Sensor pad.

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The Sleep Sensor slips under your matress to measure your movements, breathing cycles and heart rate. Coupled with the Bedside Device you also have measurements of noise pollution, room temperature and light levels. This data can then be used to create scientifically validated light and sound programs to send you off to sleep and wake you.

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The multi-colour LED lighting uses the correlation between light wavelengths and secretion of melatonin - the hormone responsible for the sleep-wake cycle - to help you sleep. Coupled with circadian rhythm pattern sound it should ensure the perfect night's sleep, tailored to you. And unlike many other app options, this works for more than one person in the bed.

Withings Aura will be available in spring 2014. Expect a price and more specific release date to be announced nearer the time.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.