Withings next-generation bathroom scales have been unveiled at IFA, with the WS-30's beaming information straight to your smartphone or tablet device. 

The Withings WS-30 scales work in tandem with the Health Companion app, with your weight sent wirelessly to your mobile device via Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. 

The scales themselves recognise multiple users, automatically distinguishing between them all so that they can immediately identify their progress when trying to lose or maintain weight.

Using Withing’s Position Control technology, the WS-30’s visual feedback display tells you how to stand on the scales so as to get the most accurate reading.

withings ws 30 internet scales beam your weight direct to your smartphone image 2

Once your information has been transferred to the Health Companion app, details such as weight and BMI data will be displayed in graphs or tables on your smartphone or tablet screen. 

Goals and can be set as well as interactive coaching on how best to achieve them. Once you’ve reached these targets they can be shared with friends and family, or kept private if you'd prefer.

The Withings Health Companion app is already available in the Apple App Store with an Android version on the horizon. The Withings WS-30 Bathroom Scales will arrive in late September with retail price of around £95.