We've been waiting for this for so long we're almost over it already. We say almost, because you really can't help but admire that oh-so-smooth design, not to mention the tech capabilities.

So the 101 catch-up for anyone who hasn't been longing for this to launch, is that the Nike Amp+ is a watch that forms part of the promised accessories that work with the Nike+ iPod running kit.

It works as a Bluetooth remote controller for your 'pod and will give you stats and info about your performance on its screen. The spec on the US Nike site, where the watch is $79, lists the following features:

- Instant voice feedback of time, distance, calories and pace
- Power song accessed through left-side button for quick motivation
- Raised remote buttons for easy grip and precision
- 50m water resistance
- Durable polyurethane strap can be cut to your exact preference for a natural, comfortable fit
- Stainless steel custom-fit buckle
- LED displays time of day and icons for iPod nano controls when activated by the remote

So, it all sounds good and will no doubt prove a handy addition to Nike+ iPod kit bag, the only question is, how much of a further wait will we have to suffer before it launches in the UK?