Nike's partnership with Apple seems to have been a success, as the companies are bringing out new products for the Nike+iPod sports range.

They'll be releasing three hybrid watches and a remote control to be worn around the wrist, says

First is Flight+, which combines a digital watch with a monitor. To be released in May for $130, Flight+ not only has time and date functions, but also features music controls and can trigger the Sport Kit's voice feedback feature.

Then there's Amp+, which is a bracelet that has an LED display to show the time or iPod controls, and can be used to navigate through songs. It also will be able to trigger voice feedback, and will be released on 1 May for $80 in five different female-friendly colours.

Finally, Aero+ is the third rumoured model. It will most probably come in two colours, and seems a men's model of the Flight+.

Nike is also cooking up non-Apple sports kits, the Nike Speed+ Kit for Men and for Women. They should ship for $130 with a USB receiver, so that you can download your stats, and a Nike+ Sensor.