Nike and Apple are about to release a new add-on to its Nike + iPod running system. Called the Nike Amp+ the bracelet, which is worn by runners will allow them to change tracks and check times without having to fumble for their iPod in their jacket or running shorts.

According to who have included the device in its Christmas gift round-up, the yet to be released gadget will work via Bluetooth connecting to both your iPod and your special trainers so you won't have wires trailing up your arm.

Information is displayed on an illuminated LED readout hidden beneath the matte-finish face of the bracelet which judging by the small picture accompanying the article is a cross between a watch and one of those charity wrist bands.

Although Apple or Nike has yet to officially announce the new Nike Amp+, are suggesting it will cost around $80 when in launches in the US.

There is no mention as to whether or not the gadget will be available in the UK.