(Pocket-lint) - Nike has released an update to its Nike FuelBand app for the iPhone that means you can ditch your Nike FuelBand altogether.

The latest update to the iPhone version of the FuelBand app shifts away from needing the band to collect data to using the iPhone's motion co-processor instead.

Now rather than using the sensors in the FuelBand to track users as they move around, the app merely takes the data being collected by the phone in your pocket.

It means that you no longer need the dedicated bracelet to monitor performance allowing you to ditch the band altogether. That's right, if you are still wearing the FuelBand, don't. 

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The news comes just days after the publication of a new study suggesting that phones are just as capable of tracking our fitness and movement as a dedicated fitness band.

The study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania showed that most inaccurate tracker was the Nike FuelBand and that most users using a fitness tracker would be better off using their phone.

Nike confirmed in 2014 that it was pulling out of the physical wearable tracking market to focus on its running and fitness apps instead. It is believed that the company will announce a new Nike app to work in collaboration with the Apple Watch in the coming months ahead of the launch of the Apple smartwatch in April. 

The update to the app also gets other features including support for Apple HealthKit that lets the app quickly and easily share data with Apple's built-in health and fitness offering.

The sports company has also added more social tools and the ability to share data with other apps from Nike like Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running.

Writing by Stuart Miles.