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(Pocket-lint) - Nike CEO Mark Parker has revealed that even though the sports wear brand discontinued its FuelBand fitness tracker earlier in the year, it is still working on ideas for wearable technology products in the future. And they could involve the help of Apple.

With Apple head Tim Cook on the board of directors at Nike, and a long-time collaboration between the brands resulting in several connected products that worked with iPod first and iPhone and iPad second, it is perhaps obvious that the partnership would result in something new - most likely a Nike+ application for Apple Watch. However, Parker revealed to Bloomberg TV that wearable tech is key to Nike's future and Apple could be part of that too.

"Technologically we can do things together that we couldn’t do independently," he said.

"So yeah, that’s part of our plan, to expand the whole digital frontier in terms of wearables, and go from what we say is tens of millions of users – right now there’s 25 million Nike+ users – to hundreds of millions."

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That is unlikely to see the return of a sportsband though. The next wave of Nike tech will be more "stealth".

"I think the form it takes is critical. You can go from the very geeky kind of wearables today – we’ve all seen some of those – to what I think you’ll see in the future, things that are more stealth, more integrated, more stylish and more functional, yes," Parker explained.

Writing by Rik Henderson.