(Pocket-lint) - Art can be many things including penii drawn on a running app's map by travelling that route.

San Francisco runner Claire Wyckoff has used her Nike+ app to create shapes on her map, including a selection of phallic images. There's also a Space Invader, a dog and a hand giving the finger.

Finding running routes can be boring so why not make sweet art while getting yourself in shape at the same time? Wyckoff, a copy writer and voiceover artist, says she's "just trying to save the world" by developing "draw running". If the world is in need of more penis drawings she's well on her way to saving us all.

On Twitter she describes the task as tough: "It's not easy. First, you have to spend a lot of time looking for dicks on maps... countless hours of dick searching." It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Well, they don't.

Other draw-runs include a pole dancer and even Slimer from Ghostbusters. These are all done on US roads where the grid system should make drawing fairly easy for angular shapes, curves are not so simple. Could it be easier to do in the messy UK streets?

If you're into this idea we'd love to see your run-draw efforts. Tweet them to us @pocketlint.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.