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(Pocket-lint) - Nike has plans to bring a smartwatch to market in 2014, expanding past its new FuelBand SE product and Nike+ SportWatch, according to Digitimes. It is expected to release the smartwatch as soon as the first half of 2014, and currently has the product under testing at Flextronics International - a well-known gadget manufacturer in Asia.

No details have been provided By Digitimes on the functionality of Nike's smartwatch. We're left to speculate that it will have a heavy focus on fitness, featuring Nike+ FuelPoints for motivation like Nike's current FuelBand SE fitness band.

It's safe to assume the compatibility of Nike's smartwatch, if it does actually come to market, would be supported only by iOS.

"With 200 Android devices available on the market, Bluetooth LE hasn't really matured for Android yet and so we felt that we couldn't get the most out of an app on Android at this time," Stefan Olander, vice-president of Digital Sport at Nike, told Pocket-lint in November. But by the first half of 2014, Nike could change its Android course.

Smartwatches have become a go-to for gadget manufacturers in recent months. Sony, Samsung, start-up Pebble, and even Adidas have all brought the product to market, with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Motorola, and LG rumoured to be doing the same.

Getting a jump-start on Nike, Adidas miCoach fitness smartwatch was released in November, able to track a user's pulse through their wrist, provide details about their workout with the help of motion sensors, and guide runners and track distances through an on-board GPS.

Pocket-lint reviewed Nike's latest FuelBand SE gadget in November. We found it to be good at tracking your daily fitness, contain a good battery, and be comfortable to wear. Its lack of Android support and price compared to other alternatives were the only negative points in the review.

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We've reached out to Nike in the hope of learning more about its rumoured smartwatch plans.

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