Nike has announced a limited edition of the Nike+ FueldBand SE - this time in gold. Dubbed the Rose Gold Nike+ FuelBand SE, the fitness band will be available to match your gold iPhone 5S in colour.

The FuelBand SE usually ships with a $149 price tag, but the Rose Gold version will carry a $20 premium at $169 for you fancy cats in the crowd.

"The striking Rose Gold colourway takes cues from high-end timeware, with a clasp, bezel and screws manufactured from 316 series stainless steel," said Nike in a release. "These beautifully crafted metal components are then hand polished to a mirror finish and given a beautiful and extremely durable PVD coating."

Pocket-lint gave the FuelBand SE  a close look in late-October, noting a solid fitness device that integrates well into Apple's ecosystem. 

The gold version will be available next week "in limited quanities".