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(Pocket-lint) - As we said in our original story, Nike has brought most of the new FuelBand SE features to the older FuelBand.

Since the now old FuelBand didn’t have Bluetooth LE, not every feature has been added but there’s plenty to enjoy, for free, with the update.

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Nike will be bringing its new double tap to tell time feature to the original FuelBand. This, as you would image, brings up the time from a quick double tap of the screen with your finger. The new improved algorithms are also in the brains of the older FuelBand, meaning it can now measure your effort more accurately. You’ll now earn more NikeFuel for intense activities like running over things like desk work.

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Because of the lack of Bluetooth LE, the now older band won't be getting the new hourly alerts that tell you to be more active, or Sessions support as it will not be active on the app, and will only appear when users connect a FuelBand SE.

Owners of older FuelBands can get all the new iPhone app functionality after they perform a simple firmware update by plugging the FuelBand into a computer and connecting to the web via the FuelBand app.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.