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(Pocket-lint) - Nike has blamed a lack of consistent Bluetooth LE support on Android devices for it not having released Android app support for its FuelBand and FuelBand SE products yet.

"With 200 Android devices available on the market, Bluetooth LE hasn't really matured for Android yet and so we felt that we couldn't get the most out of an app on Android at this time," Stefan Olander, vice-president of Digital Sport at Nike, told Pocket-lint at the UK launch event for the Nike FuelBand SE when we asked why it was iOS only for FuelBand.

In a candid chat with the VP - who, incidentally, has set his own Fuel point daily target at 4,000 - he expressed the usual frustrations many developers claim to have: that there are too many variations of Android devices to deliver a consistent offering across all of them. Olander doesn't however rule out working with specific "verticals" or partners in the future.

When asked whether that meant a deal with Samsung or HTC could be on the cards, Olander failed to answer the question but suggested it wasn't about reach, but about working with companies that understand what Nike is trying to achieve when it comes to the experience, something that Apple already gets.

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"With iPhone we have one set of hardware, and can delve deeper into the operating system to get the most out of what we can do," he added. "We've worked with Apple for seven years and like that they set the bar high for themselves as well as others. It is about the experience."

Olander told Pocket-lint several times during our quick interview that it isn't that Nike is against Android, but that Nike is "waiting for someone to create an experience that aligns with our values", something that it seems no one has done yet.

Olander also said that Nike was keen to have other manufacturers embrace the Nike Fuel system, although didn't go beyond that.

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