(Pocket-lint) - Following its FuelBand event, Nike has released a small (but neat) update for its Nike+ running app for iOS.

Now in version 4.4, it's able to snap photos on the run, directly from the Nike+ Running app. Nike suggests photos can be taken before, during, or after your run. Given the social nature of the Nike+ Running app, you can share the moment with your friends. You can add run information like FuelPoints, miles, and time - so you can either brag or elicit inspiration from your friends. 

Also added in the version 4.4 update is your runs will automatically be paused and resumed as you start and stop. Most runners tend to go until they've reached their target destination or burn out. But if you have to stop for whatever reason (maybe waiting for a car to pass), now your runs automatically pause and resume when you do.

Furthermore, when the app pauses, the camera icon pops up to enable picture taking, creating a seamless experience between the two new features.

Nike+ Running is one of the go to running apps available from the App Store. Users have rated it high, too: 40,040 ratings average at 4.5 / 5 stars. The update released on Tuesday, now available on the App Store, should make it that much better. 
Writing by Jake Smith.