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(Pocket-lint) - Nike, over a year after the release of its FuelBand fitness tracker, has just announced the Nike+ FuelBand SE.

The new band looks very similar to its predecessor, with the same screen and build, but now comes in Volt, Pink Foil or Total Crimson colour accents to add flair to the prominently black form.

Unlike the old band the latest Nike+ FuelBand SE is calibrated so you can no longer fool it by punching the air. Now you actually have to get out and be active - so no more cheating. You know who you are.

The new band is so smart it can even track cycling, rowing, and full-on running - and it's water-resistant too. Oh, and it even works for yoga, somehow. And it's now got Bluetooth 4.0 for instant data readouts. Plus a simple double tap will deliver the time at a glance on the band. Despite all the extras the band will still deliver four days on a charge.

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There is now a fuel curve on your mobile's readout that shows hourly activity which lights up if you've moved enough and "won the hour" - rotate the phone horizontally for info on goals hit, hours won, and minutes of intense movement. As well as Win The Hour, there is also Fuel Rate which tracks the speed at which you're getting Fuel points, a bit like a pace while running. The new app is also updated to work with the iPhone 5S M7 processor that precisely tracks movement - for even more accuracy.

Session have now been added to allow you to break up workouts. You can name the session, share it, add photos and location. That includes sleeping which is now tracked by the FuelBand SE. And there are Groups, so you can connect people within the NikeFuel community, create a group, share achievements, cheer each other on, and work together. And with plenty of new Milestones added there's lots to work for.

The bad news? Still no Android support. Nike and Apple and well and truly snuggled up in bed together on this one. FourSquare has also cosied up and will use tracking data to help predict popular areas and make suggestions of places you might like to be at certain times.

You can pre-order a Nike+ FuelBand SE today for $150 (£95) for its 6 November release, though it's limited to consumers in US, UK, France and Germany.

A Nike+ Move app will also be available for free download on 6 November for those with an iPhone 5S - this will track your movements and log Fuel Points also, without the need for a band. Additionally, the updated Nike+ FuelBand App will be available for free from the App Store on the same day.

Writing by Luke Edwards.