As the activity tracker space heats up, Nike is said to be releasing a next-generation Nike+ Fuel Band in the near future with several additional features to help improve usage.

According to GearLive, the second Fuel Band will feature a heart rate/pulse monitor, faster data display, Bluetooth 4.0 for improved battery life and syncing, and more robust Nike+ API for developers to tap into your tracking data. Specifically for the heart rate monitor, you will be required to pinch the FuelBand on the monitor area for your pulse to be taken. It's not clear if the data collected here will be made available on your Nike+ profile, according to the report, but nonetheless it could be a cool selling point. 

Furthermore, the FuelBand Android app is in the works, GearLive says, despite what Nike said three months ago. It's not clear how far along the development of the application is, but if we had to guess, it will probably be released with the next-generation band. The band is reportedly being tested in the wild by Nike employees, though there's no word on when it will be released to the public. 

The rumours of a new Fuel Band come just after FitBit put its Flex fitness wristband on sale for $99.95 (£65) - a bit cheaper than the $150 that runs with Nike's version. 

When we took a look at the Nike+ Fuel Band last year, we found it to be an interesting gadget, given its social nature. The Fuel Band encourages you to race against your friends and motivates you to walk or exercise more, because of the "Fuel" that is earned by doing activities. Stuart's exhilarating 30-minute tennis session saw us earn 700 Fuel points and get a third of the way to completing our very easy goal of 2,000 fuel points per day.

We'll keep a look out for Nike's plans.