Fitness fans might have a shiny new set of trainers waiting for them under the Christmas tree. Who knows, swimming trunks, socks or even a bike could be order of the day, it all depends what they have asked Santa for.

Customisable Christmas at Pocket-lint is all about adding that extra something to a Christmas present. With sports tech, getting something really unique for your loved ones is a challenge. Read on for Pocket-lint’s ideas.

Aside from the usual neon overload that is the average running outfit, most are fairly bland and boring. If you plan on giving sports clothes at Christmas, then make the present much more exciting with a custom-printed set. This is ideal for those who might be planning a marathon or charity run in the new year, or simply if they like to take their sports very seriously.

customisable christmas sports accessories image 3 uses top-quality running kit and allows you to print pretty much whatever you want on to it. You can opt for a design, text or picture and even choose exactly where the printing goes. Cost depends on what you ask for, but expect an extremely high level of customisation, should you be willing to pay. Find out more about Timetorun’s custom service here. Prices start at £14.99 for one garment with two prints. 

If you fancy doing something really special for your sports fan, then put together a set of custom Nike running shoes for them. At the moment, the Nike website allows you to customise a wide range of trainers, including the rather good Free Run iD, perfect for the winter. Choose the individual colour of each part of the shoe, from the tongue to the laces and even the sole, then decide whether to have the Nike logo or some custom text on the trainer.

customisable christmas sports accessories image 2

Not only are you giving a great set of trainers, but they are also specially made for the recipient. The best bit is that Nike adds basically nothing to the cost of its conventional trainers to do this. Expect to pay around £95 for a set of Nike ID trainers. They can be bought here.

Depending on the sport of choice, it is possible to get a custom-printed and entirely unique ball made up. Website offers customised footballs, basketballs, volleyballs and lots of other choices.

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It is based in the United States, so if you plan on doing this make sure to order in reasonable time. The amount you pay varies according to the number of customised panels and the type of ball. A simple online ball designer ensures you get near enough to the look you want. The printing quality, from what we have seen, is particularly good, so it should be possible to use things like photos without much worry. A football costs around £40 plus international delivery.