When we reviewed the Nike+ SportWatch back in June 2011, we noticed a few quirks about it. The fact that you couldn't change the time on the watch itself was a major pain for those who travelled, as you'd have to plug it into a computer just to make this change.

At the start of November an update was pushed out for the Nike+ SportWatch powered by TomTom that addressed this very issue. It also introduced an alarm and basic stopwatch functions to the device, all of which are very welcome and make the SportWatch more useful as a regular watch.

But the updates don't stop there. There have also been improvements to the GPS tracking, meaning that mapped routes are now more accurate and the pace should now be a truer reflection of your actual running pace.

You also now have a Quickstart feature, so you can get running and let the sensors catch up. 

The Nike+ SportWatch offers GPS tracking and integrates with the Nikeplus.com website to keep track of your running. There is an innovative USB connector embedded in the end of the strap and although compact, the high contrast display makes it easy to read, be that when running or just as a normal watch.

The device has been plagued by poor user experiences, however, with many on the Nike+ forums raising complaints that their watch refuses to connect to their PC, which makes it impossible to retrieve the data from it. We haven't experienced this problem ourselves, but it's something to keep an eye on if you're considering a purchase.

The Nike+ SportWatch powered by TomTom will set you back £179.99, so it is fairly pricey. It isn't as sophisticated as some of the offerings from Polar or Garmin, for example, which might appeal to more advanced runners, but for the casual runner looking to easily track their progress, it's compact, convenient and looks great.