Nike has announced a new version of its Nike+ app, one where you don't need the special Nike trainers or sensor to pump the pavement.

The new app works with any incarnation of iOS 4+, but in order to get the most out of it you'll need an iPhone 3GS or an iPhone 4.

That's because there's a new map feature whereby you get a virtual representation of your run, via Google Maps, which shows your speeds and distances at locations throughout your route.

As well as the maps, the app also throws in a "Run Anywhere" option meaning you could even stay indoors on the treadmill and the app will work out distance, pace, time and calories burned using the accelerometer in your device.

There's also a challenge feature, which gives you the chance to beat your personal goals and previous runs and you'll also be able to connect with the 3 million other Nike+ users in the global community.

And if all that isn't good enough, then how about a pat on the back from Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe to keep you motivated.

The app costs £1.19 and is in the App Store now.