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(Pocket-lint) - Misfit has launched yet another affordable activity tracker.

It's called the Misfit Flare, and it sells for $59.99 (about £50). It can track the steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone and the calories you’ve burned, and it can track your sleeping. In order to keep the price down, Misfit didn't include some of its fancier features, such as movement reminders and the ability to take calls or get text alerts. If you want those, consider Misfit's other devices that start at $99.99.

However, the Flare does act like a big touch-sensitive button. You can program it to make your phone perform different actions, including taking a selfie, controlling music, advancing slides in a presentation, and more -- all with a triple-tap. The device is also waterproof, and if you want to pay a $9.99 in-app upgrade, you can unlock the ability to track swimming laps, which Misfit said powered by Speedo.

By introducing a very basic tracker, Misfit is essentially going after Fitbit, which dominates the affordable activity tracker space. Fitbit sells a fitness tracker, called the Flex, for instance, and it works almost exactly like Flare but costs about $49.99. Keep in mind Fossil now owns Misfit. It actually owns many smartwatch and tracker bands, and now with the Flare, it's officially diving into budget devices.

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And finally, Misfit said the Flare features an aluminium case and does not require charging. Instead, it uses a replaceable battery that lasts up to four months. If any of that interests you, check out the Misfit store.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 12 April 2017.