(Pocket-lint) - Misfit has always been about looking good while tracking health. It's certainly sticking to that with its new design style in the wrist or necklace worn Ray activity tracker.

The Misfit Ray is a modular activity tracker that can be worn on different areas of the body in conjunction with various accessories.

The Ray itself is 12mm in diameter and 38mm long and features an aluminum body. This can be attached to jewelry where it will continue to track movements and sleep.


The Ray features a vibration motor and multicolour LED light for alerts and feedback. Using this the Ray can offer an inactivity nudge, text and call notifications and a vibrating alarm. The unit itself has a battery that should last six months and is totally water resistant up to 50 metres.

The notification light has a range of colours and flashes to help guide you as to what the notification means. Purple for example is to do with sleep, with orange is for email. Users will be able to check their goal status via the Ray with the device flashing up to four times depending on your progress. A colourful rainbow is displayed when you complete your target step counter.

The Misfit Ray can also be used like a one touch remote thanks to the Misfit Link software. This allows the Ray to be set to do things like take a photo, change music, control lights and more.

The Misfit Ray will be available for pre-order for $100 and will begin shipping in the Spring. Ray will come in Rose Gold and Carbon Black, and an array of different straps from silicon for sporty types to the threaded rope approach as seen above. 

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Writing by Luke Edwards.