(Pocket-lint) - Misfit has added a stack of new features to allow you to turn its Flash fitness tracker into a basic remote control for your home, as well as give users of its Shine device access to data via the web rather than just an app.

For the Flash tracker users will be able to connect the device to IFTTT and access thousands of "recipes". Those recipes will include double or triple pressing Flash to email or message anyone, blocking out time in diaries, or tracking workout hours for example.

The company has also said that users of the Logitech Harmony Remote Control will be able to connect the tracker to over 225,000 smart home devices, including home cinema devices. That means they'll be able to control lights, locks, thermostats, tv, and more at the press of a button.

Homeowners can also enable Harmony activities, which let individuals combine multiple actions with a simple double or triple press.

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For Shine users a new dashboard will let users view their Misfit data from Shine, Flash, or Beddit on a web browser and use it to easily compare steps, calories, and distance data and zoom in on weekly and monthly trends.

For iOS users, Misfit has now added HealthKit integration, with sleep and weight data now visible in the HealthKit app.

The new update is available for users from today.

Writing by Stuart Miles.