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(Pocket-lint) - Swarovski isn't a new name in the tech world, with both LG and Samsung dabbling with crystallised products in the past, but the company has taken things one step further at CES 2015, partnering with Misfit to make wearables sexy.  

The Swarovski Shine collection is being aimed at women and it embeds the tech with the stylish Misfit Shine activity and sleep tracking device into a giant crystal.

Just like the original, the Swarovski Shine will run off a watch battery, measure steps, calories burned, distance and sleep quality. It will also light up with a tap to show you the time and status of your daily activity accomplishments and wirelessly sync with the Misfit app on your smartphone.

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There are nine pieces of compatible jewellery to hold the Swarovski Shine, including a bracelets, watch bands, pendants and a sports band that has a water resistance up to 50 metres, but if the giant crystal isn't for you, they will also hold the normal aluminium Misfit Shine.

The Swarovski Shine collection will be available as single products starting at $69.99 or in three sets starting at $169.99, each of which come with the tracker itself along with two coordinating accessories. Pre-orders are open now in the US and the collection will be available in select Swarovski boutiques in China, Hong Kong and the US in late March.

If you are prepared to wait a little longer however, the two companies are also set to bring out a purple version of the Swarovski Shine collection later this year. The purple version will be powered by an "energy crystal" and therefore won't need charging at all as long as you provide it with sunlight, LED light or halogen light.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.