(Pocket-lint) - For cyclists who want to track really specific data like cadence or power it means shelling out serious money for ANT+ sensors and their accompanying readout gadgets. At least it did, until the Mio Velo appeared.

The Mio Velo is a wearable which, essentially, acts as a translator between your bike's ANT+ sensors and your phone. Yup that means it has no screen. It might look odd but that wrist worn smarthub is able to read the ANT+ signals from your bike sensors and translate them to Bluetooth to be sent to your phone. The result is you can get complex bike data for cheaper using your phone.

The Mio Velo also has a built-in heart rate monitor so HR can also be added to your data mountain on your phone. The data can be used in free apps on your mobile like Strava Cycling or Endomondo to enhance the readout of what you've done.

The wearable itself may be screen-less but it does have LEDs which correspond to the heart rate sensor. These light up to show which effort zone you're training in.

The Mio Velo is available now for £110. This might sound like a lot for a device without a screen but when you compare it to the cycle computers you'd need without it then you're actually making a saving.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.