(Pocket-lint) - Mio has introduced another bicycle computer range with the Mio Cyclo 100 series geared towards the serious rider. 

There are four devices launching with the 100 series: the Mio Cyclo 100, Mio Cyclo 105, Mio Cycle 105 H and Mio Cyclo 105 HC.

The Mio Cycl0 100 is the most basic of the four but still has the know-how to record your cycle times, speed, distance and calorie consumption all of which will be displayed on the 1.8-inch display. There’s even a waterproof casing so you won’t have any excuses to dodge your exercise regime should the heavens open.

Once a goal such as a target weight or distance travelled is achieved, riders can share their results via the Mio Share desktop application. 

The Mio Cyclo 105, 105 H and 105 HC is where proceedings get really serious. All three come with extra accessories to monitor your fitness further. For example, the 105 has a built-in ANT+ sensor that can connect with a heart monitor, and cadence and wheel sensor, though these will have to be purchased separately.

Opt for the Mio Cyclo 105 H and a heart rater comes included, while the Mio Cyclo 105HC adds a wheel and cadence sensor into the mix too.

The Mio Cyclo 100 series will be available from September, with the Mio Cyclo 100 costing £99.99, the Mio Cyclo 105 £129.99, the Mio Cyclo 105 H £169.99 and the Mio Cyclo 105 HC £199.99.

Writing by Danny Brogan.