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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced a new version of its fitness tracker during a special launch event in New York.

Called simply Microsoft Band again, the new device has several new features and a different design. There are also new sensors and better integration with multiple devices.

So here's a stack of pics (in our gallery above) everything you need to know about the new Microsoft Band.

Microsoft Band design and comfort

One of the big gripes we had with the first Microsoft Band was comfort. That square display and fixed battery-filled strap did not make for a lot of give. The result was an inflexible hulk that banged about on the wrist.

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It seems that Microsoft has heard people's complaints in this area. The second generation Band has a new screen that's curved, and with Gorilla Glass 3 to boot. It looks similar to Samsung's Gear Fit display in fact.

The band itself has been changed with the batteries moved out and flexibility brought in. The result should be a far more comfortable band that moves with the wearer.

Microsoftmicrosoft band 2 revealed here s everything you need to know image 7

Microsoft Band sensors

By cramming in plenty of sensors Microsoft made the first Band really appealing. The second iteration is similar in this respect. And there's an additional one, a barometer, to add to those the first Band sported.

GPS is included again making this, potentially, a full-on sports tracking device. And new sports, such as golf, make full use of that and the other included sensors to help track every shot and every movement.

On top of that there is an optical heart rate monitor again so zone training can also be used.

Then there are the movement trackers which can now measure the "height of an exercise" too thanks to the barometer. Presumably this will be used in things like air time in skiing or basketball, or even just track elevation up a hill, for example.

The new Band can also track your maximum volume of oxygen (VO2 max). Microsoft claims it's the only fitness device to do so currently.

Microsoft Band software

The new Band is said to run a version of Windows 10, although it seems to be heavily customised for the device. And its compatibility is similar to the first device, so it should work with iOS and Android as well as Microsoft's own Lumia devices.

Naturally, it works with Microsoft Health, but there are also new apps coming from a stack of new partners. These include TaylorMade for its golf functionality, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Men's Fitness and many more.

Cortana integration is also a given.

When will the Microsoft Band be available and how much does it cost?

Microsoft launched the new Band during its Windows 10 devices event on 6 October and announced that pre-orders in the US are available immediately. The Band will start to ship in the States from 30 October for $249.

A UK price and release date is yet to be revealed but it is likely we'll also get the device before the year is out.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 22 September 2015.