The Microsoft Band is packed with hardware potential and it looks like Microsoft wants to use that by keeping the software updated. It's announced an update that will make cycle tracking possible.

The latest Microsoft Band update will allow wearers to track cycling using the popular Strava and MapMyRide apps.

Strava has a huge cycling community and makes lengths of road competitive by logging data, effectively making race tracks of normal roads. MapMyRide is also a popular cycling app that offers distance, speed, pace and more in its tracking repertoire.

Microsoft Health will also be updated to add more features.

Comparative Insights can now compare figures with other users for motivation such as daily steps, sleep, workout frequency and calories burned.

Sleep Recovery allows for analysis of sleep restoration, efficiency and wake-ups.

Fitness Benefit now shows improvement historically over time.

V02 Max can now be measured for a more accurate measurement of cardiovascular fitness. 

Run and Exercise Observations give more in-depth insights including when they've performed best over time to see overall progress.

The cycle integration and Microsoft Heath update will roll out to Microsoft Band from 23 April.

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