It's been a while since we've heard anything about a potential Microsoft smartwatch here at Pocket-lint, with previous reports suggesting that it would launch one in the summer.

That obviously didn't happen, but the latest is that the company could launch a wearable device in "the next few weeks", certainly before Christmas.

Forbes claims that sources reveal the Windows-based smartwatch will also come with a two-day battery life - something that rivals on the market have already struggled with.

It will launch first and then hit stores to "capture the lucrative holiday season", says the news resource. A late 2014 release will also beat Apple to the punch. The Apple Watch will release in "early 2015" and competitors will want to have grabbed market share before then.

The two-day battery life will also give it an advantage over Apple's imminent device. Tim Cook has already previously revealed that wearers will need to recharge their Watches every night.

What does make us a little wary of Microsoft's supposed intentions is that we've heard a lot about a Windows watch in the past, but with little movement by the company itself. It was first rumoured to be developing its own smartwatch in April 2013, with reports suggesting that suppliers were asked to ship components for a touchscreen wearable device.

The story went cold soon after. At least until spring 2014, when an alleged Microsoft patent appeared online featuring a smartband style design.