(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft will certainly be releasing a wrist-worn wearable to keep up with Android Wear and the impending Apple iWatch. Until recently, though, all we've seen is patent drawings - but now a series of concept images have appeared.

The watches look amazing, with Cortana built right into the centre of the watch face. The blue ring looks at home at the middle of the hour and minute hands. The concept, from designer Nadir Aslam, also sports a leather strap and the much-loved round watch face that we're looking forward to in the Moto 360.

The wrist worn Microsoft smartwatch is rumoured to sport a plethora of sensors including heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and galvanic skin response sensor which measures sweat.

Despite sounding very advanced the rumoured shape is, apparently, not like these concepts but more like the Samsung Gear Fit or the Fitbit One. So more of a sporty activity tracker than a watch. But this is just rumour and we'd expect a watch to arrive at some point if Microsoft hopes to keep up with the competition.

As for names, not much has leaked. Microsoft Lumia Watch, Kinect Wear, Surface Watch or anything else could be expected. Here's hoping whatever it's called it ends up looking like these gorgeous concepts.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.