(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft looks set to join the race for your wrist with its very own smartwatch. A Microsoft patent has appeared showing what the device may look like.

Unlike other smartwatches out now, or due soon, Microsoft's patented design appears to use a micro-USB charging port. That means users will be able to charge the watch using their mobile charger, or any portable charger they may have. Much more useful than the proprietary chargers for most smartwatches out there.

The patent also reveals a design that's more sporty looking than the Samsung Gear 2, for example. It has a wide strap and features a square face unit that, in previous patent pictures, appears to lift out of the strap. This allows for charging without the need to remove the strap.

Specs are non existent at this stage with little said other than it being called an "ornamental design for an electronic band".

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The LG G Watch is expected to arrive by July with plenty more to follow in the Android Gear line-up. Perhaps Microsoft will aim to unveil its watch soon after. Or will it let Apple go first with the iWatch? It could be waiting for quite some time.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.