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(Pocket-lint) - We first saw a prototype for the LG Lifeband Touch at CES in 2013, but now a year later the company has created a commercial version which it hopes to launch in the first half of 2014.

The band, which is more like a bracelet with the break in the circle that allows you to slip in on your wrist, will come in three sizes - medium, large and extra large, and work in a similar way to the Nike FuelBand already on the market.

The idea, just like the FuelBand, is that you can track your daily activity, monitor steps, calories and sessions, before syncing the data with the accompanying app that works on your Android phone.

Aware that LG isn't a sports band compared to the might of Nike, the company has already teamed up with apps like RunKeeper to help it out, although you'll still have to use the LG app and export the data rather than use its app as you do other wearables such as the Pebble smart watch.

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As to the styling of the band, it's certainly not as pretty or subtle as the FuelBand.

Its screen features a touch OLED display and it can register physical activity and display different results, including speed, distance, number of steps, projected paced and the number of calories burnt.

lg lifeband touch pictures and hands on video  image 8

Oh, and its big, but not any more clunky than the FuelBand although because of the inclusion of the screen it looks more like a watch bracelet than a band you are wearing because, well you are.

With so many fitness trackers flooding the market, we are struggling to see where LG can add value here especially over the Nike FuelBand and Fitbit trackers already on the market. Although LG has been touting this gadget for some time, we can't help feeling that it's not going to make that much of an impact when compared to more traditional or more agile sports brands already sniffing around the genre.

Writing by Stuart Miles.