(Pocket-lint) - So close, yet so far LG - it nearly made it to CES next week without leaking then @evleaks went and slipped this photo. It shows LG's first foray into the world of wearable health wrist gadgetry since the Smart Activity Tracker. This is the LG Lifeband Touch.

Unlike the LG Smart Activity Tracker, seen at CES last year, this wrist adornment appears to have a flush screen with probably touch controls. But whether this is a competitor for the Nike+ FuelBand SE remains to be seen. This could be an extension of your LG G2 handset that works only with the smartphone, rather than a stand-alone health tracker.

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Rumoured specs suggest it will come with an altimeter for step tracking, notifications so you know when you get a message or call on your mobile, and compatibility with LG's Smart TV fitness and dance apps.

The screen section also appears to be detachable from the rest of the band - this is probably how it will be charged. The coloured ring also suggests the Lifeband Touch may visually show notifications from your phone, changing colour depending on the nature of the alert.

It's all rumour right now but we like the look of the LG Lifeband Touch and hope to bring you some hands-on photos and details from CES next week.

Writing by Luke Edwards.