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(Pocket-lint) - LG has launched what at first looks like a Nike+ Fuel Band clone at CES in Las Vegas, but which on closer inspection comes with more features and a promised summer release.

The new wristband from LG is virtually identical in styling to the Nike, offering even down to the dotted font, rubberised feel and USB clasp to lock it on your arm.  But it also has a curved touch-sensitive display that lets you swipe through information like pace and distance rather than pressing a button - although there's still a button as well.

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Where the bracelet really starts to differ though is in the technology it offers. One-upping the Fuel Band, LG as added an altimeter for more accurate location data as well as a standard accelerometer. That means it will measure terrain as well as your mincing around.

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You'll also be able to connect it to your Android smartphone and control your music playback through the Smart Activity Tracker, as well a, see who is calling, as it displays callers' numbers. It won't display texts, but will let you know when one's received. 

Rather than team up with popular running app RunKeeper, LG has designed its own app to accompany the device. It will give you a more-visual representation of what's happening, how far you've walked, and whether you've hit your target.

In the flesh, and the sports tracker looks good - although we aren't too sure about the display. We found the screen very hard to read and the glass edge a bit tacky compared to the Fuel Band and the Jawbone Up. But we do like the additional features and the ability to see who is calling you without having to get your phone out of your pocket. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.