Lenovo has announced a new fitness band it's calling the Vibe Band VB10. 

The Vibe Band is a Bluetooth 4.0 LE connected wrist wearable that features a low power E Ink display that affords it up to a seven-day battery life despite being an always-on device, according to Lenovo. It tracks the wearer's steps while also displaying phone notifications and will continue working after you've gone to sleep so as to track your sleep.

Sony has already released its SmartBand Talk which features a low power E Ink display and a similar profile.

The Vibe Band can display notifications for calls, texts, social media and more with 150 characters on the display at one time. The Vibe Band works with both Android and iOS smartphones for alerts. It features a rubberised strap and weighs just 30 grams as well as offering water resistance. The Band features various different faces to suit the wearer as well as to fit in with the varying colours of the watches and straps. The Lenovo Vibe Band will be in black silver an gold.

The Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 will cost $89 which is about £58 and will be available to buy from the start of April.