Lenovo is the latest tech company to enter the fitness tracker market with its Smartband SW-B100 device, previously revealed in part in an FCC filing at the beginning of the month.

Now seemingly official - "seemingly" because product pages have appeared on Lenovo's website without any announcement or fanfare - the fitness tracker comes in orange or blue and is similar to other trackers and bands on the market in feature set.

It enables the user to track daily exercise, sleep patterns and heart rate. It can also be customised to provide chosen notifications and presents similar data to many rivals: steps, distance, calories and more.

lenovo smartband sw b100 now official brand s first fitness tracker image 2

Not only does it connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and a dedicated app, the band's display call information and text message notifications, including the number and name of the caller.

It can also be used as a watch with a "smart clock" function.

The dedicated web pages for the Smartband on Lenovo's site are short of any further detail, including price of availability. We fully expect the company to make a more formal announcement about the device soon.

We do know that it will sync with a Windows PC, Android and iOS though, so that's something.