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(Pocket-lint) - As well as announcing the new Watch GT range and Mate XS 2 at its spring launch event, Huawei unveiled the latest affordable fitness tracking watch: the Huawei Watch Fit 2. 

Like its predecessor, it's a square-ish design - similar to the Apple Watch - with rounded corners and edges to make it a softer shape. 

It has a 1.74-inch rectangular AMOLED touchscreen on the front - and increase from the former model - with minimal bezels and curved glass on the edges. 

That panel itself features a 336 x 480 resolution pixel arrangement, which gives it a similar sharpness to the more expensive, round Watch GT 3 Pro at 353 pixels per inch. 

It features a speaker and microphone to allow users to answer calls from their pair smartphone on their wrist, and features a host of advanced fitness and health tracking capabilities. 

There are 97 workout modes built in, and it has a similar sensor arrangement to the Watch GT 3 Pro, except with a few less diodes. 

It's TruSeen 5.0 system rather than TruSeen 5.0+ that's on the Watch GT 3 Pro range, and that means it still promises to be very accurate, particularly when it comes to GPS.

Watch Fit 2 has support for 5 different navigation satellites, which should mean a more accurate experience than the previous Watch Fit. 

All in all that means it'll track pretty much anything, and has a handy coaching feature that can take you through a basic workout session at home. 

You can customise watchfaces, and have it with either silicone, leather or metal bands, with prices starting at £129 when it's available from 15 June. 

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