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(Pocket-lint) - Whether you're hitting the pavement, working it in the gym or going for a cycle, tracking your exercise sessions allows you to monitor your progressing fitness levels and gives you serious, irrefutable bragging rights over your mates when you break their PBs and can show them the proof.

While there are dozens of fitness trackers out there, most aren't the most versatile of gadgets. The Huawei Watch 2, however, is a master of all trades; a sleek and stylish device that's an accomplished specialist whether you want wrist-based alerts or focused fitness-tracking.

Thanks to the built-in Huawei Health app, the Watch 2 is the perfect device to accurately track all of your exercise efforts. It's like having a personal trainer strapped to your wrist.

Here's how the Huawei Watch 2 is designed to get you fit and keep you there.

Getting fit with the Huawei Watch 2: Ditch the phone thanks to GPS

Many smartwatches still need you to keep your smartphone to hand in order to get truly accurate distance tracking. The Huawei Watch 2, however, lets your free up your pockets and leave your phone at home. That's because it builds on the standard accelerometer-infused sensor pack with built-in GPS and GLONASS positioning systems.

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Whether you're running around your local park, cycling to the coast or just going for a weekend stroll in the countryside, the Watch 2 tracks your movements to the metre rather than having a rough guess based on how much you've swung your arms.

This is about more than giving a pretty map of where your outdoor exercise has taken you. More accurate distance data means the Watch 2 can better track your calorie burn and help improve your fitness levels. It's also key if you're training towards a 10K or half marathon where precise data is crucial.

There's no need to wait for an age for the GPS sensor to lock on to a signal either, as the Huawei Watch 2's GPS is quick to secure a connection and steady once locked on.

Getting fit with the Huawei Watch 2: Constant heart-rate monitoring

Knowing how far you've cycled or how many steps you've taken is a great way to monitor your exercise levels, but it doesn't show how your body is reacting to the effort you're exerting. That's where the Huawei Watch 2's integrated heart-rate sensor comes in.

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Located on the underside of the watch body, this optical heart-rate sensor accurately tracks the beats per minute of your life-giving organ. Again, like GPS-enhanced distance tracking, this heart-rate sensor allows the Watch 2 to offer more accurate calorie burn stats, plus show how your body is responding to exercise.

Being able to see how your heart rate reacts not just to exercise, but how quickly it returns to its resting rate is key to understanding your fitness levels, and it's all possible directly from the Huawei Watch 2 itself - which lets you view a graph of your heart rate over the last six hours directly from the watch face.

Getting fit with the Huawei Watch 2: Real-time guidance

How far have I run? How much longer do I have left to go? Have I actually burnt off last night's cheeky Nando's yet or do I still have that second side order of fries still to go? Just some of the questions that pass through all of our minds while exercising, and now, thanks to the Huawei Watch 2, the answers are just a glance away.

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Whether you're running, cycling or simply enjoying an energetic stroll, the wearable relays all of your relevant metrics to your wrist in real time. Offering encouraging words of motivation as you go, you get goal achieving progress alongside lap, time and distance alerts and even live GPS maps and guidance on your current speed.

You're not stuck with default metrics either, as you can customise the readouts to you own personal wants and needs. You need never wonder how you're getting on for that personal best, as the answer is on your wrist.

Getting fit with the Huawei Watch 2: Monitor progress with workout data

It's not just when you're struggling to breathe and pouring with sweat that the Huawei Watch 2 presents you with all your fitness data. Finish your run and all of your session's metrics will be presented in gorgeous and easy-to-understand fashion directly on your wrist.

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Once you've scrolled through metrics - which range from distance covered, VO2 Max level, calories burned, time active and heart rate bands you spent the most time in - all of your data is stored for future viewing.

You can access these workout data reports at any time, whether you're looking to compare your latest performance with a former personal best or just looking back and feel smug at that one time you managed 10K in sub-50.

Getting fit with the Huawei Watch 2: Power to your PB with offline music

Whatever your exercise of choice, keeping yourself motivated when your lungs are burning and your legs are aching is a tough ask. Music is always a great motivator, though, and with the Huawei Watch 2 it's just a click away whether you've got your synced smartphone to hand or not.

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With the Google Play Store hosted on the watch itself, the Huawei Watch 2 lets you download the Google Play Music app directly to your wrist.

As well as letting you access your favourite running playlist without the need for your phone, you can download tracks for offline listening with the watch's 4GB of internal storage primed for fitness listening.

Getting fit with the Huawei Watch 2: Get instance exercise access

Your trainers are laced, your stretches are done, it's time to go running. All you've got to do is setup your watch. On many devices this is a long, slow, time-consuming job that requires multiple swipes, taps and menu scrolls. With the Huawei Watch 2, however, you're just one press away from a fleet of exercise-tracking options.

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Push the lower of the watch's two ride side-mounted buttons and it will drop directly into the Huawei Health app where you can select from a variety of sporty activities, from your usual run and cycle options to treadmill, walks and fat burning exercise classes.

Pick the one you want, give it a press and away you go. You're ready to get fit with the Huawei Watch 2.